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At Bingo Hollywood there is more than just big prizes, plenty of cards and lots of slots to keep you busy and buzzing this winter time. In possibly one of most unique and intriguing ideas I’ve ever had the fortune to come across whilst reviewing Online Gaming sites, Bingo Hollywood offers you the chance to become a fan, in The Fan Club.

The Fan Club is basically like a giant e-zine. A place where all the members of Bingo Hollywood can get together, and catch up on the very latest Hollywood gossip and news from celebrities across the globe, as it happens. This may just seem like another name for a long, tedious and aggravating e-mailing list, but it’s not actually!

Hollywood Bingo

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If you register at Bingo Hollywood today, you’ll instantly get access to this one of a kind fan club, and keep yourself up to date with all the sordid secrets, hot off the press news, and saucy scandals of all your favourite celebs, but that’s not all! Being a member of the Bingo Hollywood fan club also entitles you to the latest news and promotion offers at Bingo Hollywood. You’ll hear about all the latest bonuses before any reviewer gets the chance to spread the word, and you’ll be amongst the first to be able to try out new games and promotions before the vultures arrive to pillage your chances! The Bingo Hollywood Newsletter is yours for the taking, and you can even stay in touch via Facebook or Twitter, to really keep you in the know! There is however, another type of fan club at Bingo Hollywood, you may consider signing up to…

There isn’t just the news fan club for you to become a member of. Don’t forget that at Bingo Hollywood, there is also the exclusive loyalty members club. As you climb your way through the bingo meters, and accumulate Star Points, you’ll find yourself bumped up into new membership sections, depending on the total amount you have deposited. The levels range from Cubic Star, Sapphire Star, Emerald Star, Ruby Star and the highest honour of them all is the Diamond Star VIP member. Each membership rank includes exclusive bonuses just for you, from 75% match deposits, to loyalty points, free bingo rooms, prize rooms, guaranteed jackpot rooms, birthday and holiday bonuses, monthly cash back bonuses, priority access to special games, holiday gifts and even a personal bingo guardian! So don’t just join the fan club alone, because joining the membership club, is also profitable in the long run!

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