Hollywood’s Top Slot Games

Whenever anyone thinks of Online Bingo, the mind wanders to the possibilities of full houses, complete cards, and two little ducks. What most people seldom realise is that there is far more to Online Bingo sites than meets the eye. For instance, some but not all, Online Bingo sites also feature quite an extensive range of Slot games too, to keep you entertaining should you tire or need a break from your cards. Bingo Hollywood is just one such Online Bingo site, that has quite an exquisite collection of Slot games in its midst.

The number of Slots on offer may not be many, but what is most impressive is their selection. Quality does indeed surpass quantity after all. Housing Jackpot Slots, as well as Standard slots, and Instant Games, Bingo Hollywood has all the tools to provide you with a necessary different challenge, once in a while from the Bingo.

Hollywood Bingo

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If you find yourself wanting to hit it rich, then their collection of four Jackpot Slots should be just the ticket to see you potentially showered with money. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is one of the most unusual of Jackpot Slots group that also features Irish Luck Jackpot, Piggy Payouts Jackpot and lastly, Shaman’s Dream Jackpot.

With pots equating to slightly less than the Jackpot games, though still desirable on it’s own, the Standard Slots Games are equally as much fun, and won’t require as high a stake to play. The classic and ever enjoyable Monopoly is a firm favourite here, alongside White Wizard, Amazon Wild and the legendary Shopping Spree. Something which we’ve all wished to do for a very long time.
Instant games do provide entertainment too, although perhaps not on the same level as the Jackpots and Slots. Make no mistake, they offer just as challenging a game, albeit on a different format. Signing sensation X-Factor scratch cards, Cubis, Cappuccino Keno and the house favourite, Hollywood Stars make up Bingo Hollywood’s collection of alternative instant games. Each is unique and completely different than any of the other games featured on Bingo Hollywood, though just as enjoyable as their counterparts, if not more so.

All wrapped up, Bingo Hollywood isn’t just about bingo. If you’re searching for the fame and glamour of Hollywood, then why don’t you try out Bingo Hollywood’s alternative games? Play the slots and win the pots, without the need to lose your voice shouting “full house!”.

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